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Timing is crucial in the marketing world... being visible and in sync with your consumers when they are thinking about and spending for a particular occasion is key. Holidays and seasons are important, but the ability to build a marketing strategy to extend your message is essential.  This time of year is like a buffet for buyers, beginning with the slow incline in October, gaining speed for Thanksgiving weekend and crashing into December with religious holidays and cultural traditions. Of course, the big finale is the New Year and all of the January sales.  

There is unmet opportunity here if marketing hasn't been carefully planned. (Most businesses have their strategies in place by summer, if not before.)  However, the last day of November is not too late to start.  Granted, the ramp up may be less spectacular, but you can easily make yourself visible.

Catching Up

This year is unique and with many of the restrictions of covid being lifted, friends and families are taking advantage of getting together again. They are catching up after a smaller or non-existent holiday season in 2020, so sales are expected to trend upward. The other side is many commercial products are experiencing a shortage due to production shortages or international transportation costs... which for you, could be beneficial. 

Products made in America, handmade goods or those requiring smaller quantities are likely to faire well this time of year. Additionally, services will perform well now  that people are back to work, spending money on "extras" and allowing themselves to splurge a litte.

Where To Start

Videos are easy to make and perfect for social media. There are several apps out there that will provide templates and editing abilities or if you're feeling brave, do it yourself.  The trick is to make is long enough to grab attention, but short enough to leave them wanting more.  Your message should be concise and to the point.  Keep it within the frame of your brand, be unique so they'll remember you and look at it from the perspective of your audience.

Run a campaign or contest, offering something in return for their engagement or referral.  Shoppers are more likely to be attracted to something that gives back, plus you can gain more information (like names and emails) in the process.

Offer free gift wrapping or a special holiday touch that will save them time or allows the product to ship directly to the recipient. Holidays are busy times and they'll appreciate the extra effort your business is making on their behalf.

If you're unsure or don't have the time, consider hiring a marketing advisor or manager.  They will work with you to accomplish your objective and know when, where and how to optimally achieve the goals.

Closing Thoughts

If there is a lesson to be learned, its this.  Just as your business plan outlines the framework for your business, the marketing strategy outlines a plan of action to get the product or service noticed. It's a no brainer, if potential customers don't know about a business, it's most likely to fail.

The new year is coming, so grab a 2022 calendar and start laying out your campaigns, sales and special events now.  It's never too early to plan ahead and while adjustments may need to be made based on trends, news events or other unforeseen circumstances, at least you have the basics already down.

Professional help is recommended if you're new to this field. Working with someone for a few months, year or more will teach you the basics of marketing strategies should you opt to keep it inhouse. 

You can do this!







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