Audience Interaction

What's your level of interaction with your audience?  Do you acknowledge or implement their feedback, show appreciation, take them behind the scenes?  If not, you're missing a great opportunity to connect with your customers or clients and further enhance your brand's impression.  Creating an online presence is only the beginning in digital marketing and requires the next step to be taken without much of a gap.

Old vs The New

Let's face it, the days of the conference table has started to fade in the current business world.  The covid crisis forced all of us into becoming creative and adaptable in order to keep the wheels turning and distance became the norm in the working world.  Handshakes are rare these days and business, via our computers, is likely here to stay.

Advantages and disadvantages appear on both sides of the table (no pun intended).  The personal interaction is nice because after all, we are humans. But we've found larger numbers in larger settings and shorter time frames to be advantageous, too. Information can be disseminated in record time and providing feedback is much easier from a keyboard. So that's where the interaction and appreciation become valuable tools for building your business.

Show Them Who You Are 

Most people's personalities contain a spark of natural curiosity.  Who is it, what is it about, what will I get from it and if I like it, how can I participate?  That was part of Steve Job's success with Apple.  The MacIntosh brand was built on a culture of need and the desire to be a part of his brand. 

As a business owner and leader its important to cultivate traits for your audience to see and feel. A clear vision, compassion for people and the ability to instill trust are key aspects when doing business. Inviting people to see and experience these characteristics in you can build a solid company and keep you moving forward. Oh sure, strong visuals, ad schedules and all of that is important, but being eye level with your consumers can be a powerful marketing tool, as well.  

While you're doing your magic and making things grow, don't rule out the human element of interaction.

You can do this!



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