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Been There Done That

We've all felt it. The creativity and magic that inspired you to construct great marketing posts and campaigns seems to have run their course and now your brain is barren. So what now?  My answer in coaching clients is to switch things up a bit and try some new things, then watch your analytics to see what's developing the highest reviews and build on those.

Below are some ideas to get you started:

Take advantage of the weekly hashtag themes.

Tags like #mondaymotivation, #throwbackthursday and #sundayfunday are very popular, but you'll want to get in the spirit!  Participation and engagement are key factors in gaining an audience and showing your human side can make you more approachable.  If your product has nothing to do with "Sunday", create a correlation between the two.  Here's an example: you provide CPA services and tax day is approaching.  Make the connection for your audience of how your business can free up their Sundays. Would they rather spend their Sundays with a calculator and pile of tax forms or use your service and enjoy their days free of pressure and worry?

Hold a voter entry, caption contest or photo contest. 

People love contests, especially if they receive something for it.  These types of campaigns help you gather emails and supports consumer/prospect engagement.  Freebies, discounted services, and personal discount codes to share with their friends are all great ways to market your company.

Ask the experts. 

If you have a blog or regular newsletter/emailing, this fits in nicely.  Create a set list of questions and contact leaders within your industry. This has a twofold advantage. Expert opinions bring high value and credibility, and the people you write about are likely to share your article with their own viewers. Be sure to select folks with high volume followers and always give credit.

Share the back story. 

Take your visitors behind the scenes or share the story behind your business. It's a good bet your audience is interested in the people behind the scenes or who's running the ship.  Give them a glimpse of what you or anyone who helps you is about. Tell them why you opened your company, what impact you hope to make and so on. If you have a mission statement, share that.  Trust me, people want to know you!

Make use of social proof. 

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so show your product or service in motion. If you run a candle shop, show the candles being used in a real life setting. Candid photos can also be entertaining and help to verify you are who you market. Borrow your friends' content to add more interest. The content used doesn't always need to be your own as long as you use it properly.  In fact, have a contest for followers on the most unique or aesthetic setting.

Browse your competition or other businesses to see what they're doing.  Look for ways to adapt the concepts to create your own content so it's original. And again, monitor your analytics.  The bottom line is to be creative while staying true to your brand. 

You can do this!






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