Are They Seeing You?

Stop, Look, Listen And Note

An initial step in starting a new business (or boost an existing one) requires getting noticed. So what's the best way to do that? Here's a suggestion I frequently share:  stop and look around at what’s working for other businesses, listen to experienced people and take note of what your specific business industry is doing to reach others...then lift it to the next level.  

Get That Second Glance

An average reader will skip over an ad that has no personality, right?  Here’s an exercise in contrast for your comparison.  A new dog trainer is entering the local market and will be placing her first advertisement onto a professional social media site.  There’s already another post from a dog trainer that reads:                                        

Dog Trainer - 9am - 5pm  M-F
Facility located at 123 Anywhere, Any City -  By Appointment Only
Call 321-987-6543



Pawsable Pack Leaders

Dog training is our favorite thing to do!

Hours  7am - 6pm  M-S  Our place or your’s.

Using positive training to reshape your dog’s behavior.

Monthly “pack playtime” and pack field trips for dogs and their humans!

Located conveniently at 432 Everywhere 

Can’t wait to meet you and your dog!  987-432-7654


The first one is short, to the point and generic.  But which post caught your eye and is more engaging? Which provided more information, is appealing and more likely to bring new clients?  The dog industry these days caters to the “my dog is family” trend, so it tends to be friendly, upbeat and creates excitement about the little fur ball.                                                                                                               

Here's My Point            

The examples above are geared toward identical audiences, yet have some very distinct differences that make the effect remarkably different.  Successful marketing will jump off the screen (or page) and grab the attention of the reader, making a favorable impression to read more.

Obviously, the strategy will need to be adjusted to the demographics you're targeting.  Age, education, gender, socioeconomics and location all play into the statistics so vital to your business.  (But that's another blog, at another time.)

Give these methods a try and see what works.  You may not hit the mark the first time around, but in the words of Thomas Edison, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 methods that don’t work”. That's positive thinking!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop a note into the comment area.

You can do this!


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