Here's To New Beginnings!

A Blank Page

There's something about opening a fresh new calendar filled with blank pages, isn't there?  Completely free of commitments and just waiting to absorb the names, times, and details of the coming year, it practically nudges you to begin planning. If you haven't done so yet, your first step is to get organized.  Yes, it's a new year, but the continuity you've been following should remain the same. There's time to add in the good stuff, but I caution against making any abrupt changes unless you introduce "the new you" forerunner.

Online Presence

Building an online presence is a no-brainer for e-marketing, but it may be time to dig deeper into some of the digital tools that are available.  It's true, online businesses have benefited from Covid by being an easily available and contactless method for shopping, but making sure your online business is doing all that it can for you and your customers is something you really consider.

Are you utilizing the SEO benefits and is your website easily navigated by customers and prospective lookers? Do you have all of the necessary certifications and policies in place and are they readily available?  How about your cart and checkout pages?  Is everything synced for taxes, shipping and account information?  There's more to consider, but you want your visitors to have a pleasant experience from visiting your site...because word travels fast!


The start of a new year is a great time to explore various network opportunities.  The local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club is a great place to start and don't feel like you have to join the first one you visit.  Most likely, many are meeting virtually, but it's still an opportunity to introduce yourself and connect with other entrepreneurs and local businesses. These organizations are a great way to witness leadership, learn about other cultures and connect with people who may be experiencing similar challenges.  It can also a business opportunity or provide the venue to meet members of your community through community fundraisers or holiday fairs. (Tip:  Smaller groups are easier is you're an introvert or beginner.  Large organizations can often overlook the newer members, so if you fall into either category mentioned, start small.)

Diversity has made its way front and center and what better way to learn from and promote others' well-being.  Various cultures have come together to share their own customs and traditions, but most are very welcoming to people of all cultural groups and enjoy introducing their philosophies and practices.  

Interaction Is A Must

Those of you who are regular followers have heard me say this over and over.  But it's worth repeating again, because it's one of the easiest methods to jumpstart your business.  People are interested in people and the more your clients or customers know about you, the more "real" you become. 

Throw out some requests for opinions or ask for others' ideas for a particular blog article or even a direction to take.  Hold contests or appreciation boards that recognize followers or buyers.  Offer coupons or a gift card to your store for the best use of your product or open a Q&A page in which you can interact daily or weekly.  There are endless possibilities, it just takes imagination and organization.

You can do this!

And as always, stay safe out there.


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