Knowing Your Audience


Values, Attitudes And Beliefs

What’s so important about knowing your audience? Well first, it helps you to know with what content your audience can relate. Secondly, it can help you to adjust the tone of your marketing strategy so they’ll want to know more.  There are other good reasons to pursue it, but we'll get to that later in this article.

Let’s be honest...your content is going to hit one of three groups: the interested, the apathetic or the uninformed. The message you send out to followers and those likely to find value in your business will show better results than the “meh” group or those without a clue.  People who follow you identify with your product or purpose and are usually interested in what more you have to share.

The “meh” group could go either way, so content could make or break a customer's interest.  To avoid the later, use your analytics, create a buyer persona and find methods for direct interaction.  The fact they could take it or leave it gives you a 50-50 chance, because they’re not saying no, they just need some additional prompting.  Knowing your age group, interests, demographics and so on will help to narrow down your focus and tailor your strategy into something they can easily identify with or spark an interest to learn more. 

Businesses will use “contests” or special events to engage people through participation from their audience.  “Send us a picture of your pet” or “enter to win” campaigns are great ways to draw interest from marginal groups and lead them to your website. 

Then there's the “who knew” group. With the surfacing innovations and new businesses built from Covid confinement, a portion of our population aren’t fully aware of the new products or services.  It isn’t necessarily a lack of interest, but more a need for exposure and information. This group could benefit from a ground-up approach for content.  The ol’ when-where-why-how- tactic might be just the message to help them understand why they need the product and how it will improve their lifestyle.

Ways To Determine Your Audience

This is a broad topic, so let's break it down into general terms: 

1.  Determining your target audience could be the single most important thing you do in developing your marketing strategy and I can't stress enough the importance of analytics as that tool. Statistics will bring clear insight and meaning to you while defining where you're gaining success and what areas you need improvement. 

2.  Create your buyer persona to bring in more of the high value traffic. Understanding your "customer" will guide you toward the best communication and content when posting.  If you're a B2B business, look at the size, types of vendors and who's making the purchasing decisions for more insight and focus on those aspects when outlining your marketing strategy.

3.  What are your competitors doing?  Who are they reaching, what media is being used and use comparisons to see if there's a marginal group you may have missed. Also, be aware of social or cultural threats that may affect your business and adjust or avoid them.  

4.  Engage, engage, engage!  Direct communication with your audience offers invaluable feedback in reading your audience. What are they talking about, what do the like/dislike about your service or product? Consumer feedback can be a powerful tool if structured correctly. Spotlight consumers through appreciation and recognition for their opinions and suggestions. Let them know they have great value to your business and assure them you're listening.

5.  Keywords will vary with audiences.  The baby boomers are probably not using the same culture terminology as the millennials, nor is it likely they'll have the same appreciation in photo images.  (Moral values can be a factor.). There are several websites and apps available to help you with this.

There is a huge amount of information out there to increase your learning, but my suggestion is to begin by education yourself on how your own social media platforms track.  If you're using Shopify, Wix or the larger servers, many come with their own built in programing to track interaction and traffic.

The bottom line is to find the best method to achieve the greatest result. It may take some time if you're inexperienced, but there's experience and support out there if you need it.

You can do this!




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