Packaging... It Matters

It’s A Wrap!

You shared your story about the brand early on.  Your logo is proudly displayed on your business cards, coffee cups and promotional materials. What else do you need to make a statement? The answer is packaging. Particularly with e-commerce, today’s consumer is looking for “the experience” in purchasing.  They’ve ordered a product and when it’s delivered, there’s a wave of excitement and anticipation that drives them to open it right away! 

Here’s the contrast… a brown corrugated cardboard box arrives with a lopsided label stuck on the outside, its filled with styrofoam that sticks to everything and the product is wrapped in a polybag and taped with industrial tape.  Still excited? Umm, not so much unless you were expecting a used carburetor. 

The alternative is a brightly colored patterned box arrives with a neat, customized label and taped with a logo-inspired tape, colored to enhance the  the sage tones on the box.  Inside, beautifully cushioned in colorful crinkled paper is the item uniquely wrapped in a slightly lighter shade of sage tissue paper. Impressed? Absolutely! And, written in tiny letters inside the box is a statement proudly proclaiming everything used in packaging was recycled and biodegradable.


Both items had the same, identical object inside, but the attractive and unique packaging in the second scenario is more likely to inspire and lend quality to a lasting impression. It’s likely, your customer will want to share their experience with a colleague or friend and now you have an additional customer! There’s also the chance you’ve just created a loyal relationship.


Today’s culture in turning more toward environmental awareness and the pressure is on for businesses to reduce waste and harmful products.  Coming out of a year-long pandemic, people have had more time to consider what our impact has been on natural resources and air quality.

Recycle-reduce-reuse has become our social mantra, particularly for the last few generations. Consumers want to see more goods produced in the US, not just for economic reasons, but because of the contribution to air quality pollution in global transportation. Moving away from plastics that take up to 500 or more years to decompose and endanger wildlife and the environment, we are on the way to conservation as a way of life.

Final Thoughts

When starting a new business, money can be scarce until things pick up and the world knows you’re here.  In the meantime, look for inexpensive ways to create the aesthics of packaging while moving into the mainstream of environmental-consciousness.  It may be one-step-at-a-time progress to start, but it shows your customers that you’re aware and making changes.  At some point in the future, it could be a deciding factor in whether you gain a customer or not.

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