Purpose Driven Marketing

What Is Purpose Driven And Goodwill Marketing?                         

These past two years have been enlightening for most of us. The global pandemic, welfare of others and sustainability have brought to the forefront valuable humanitarian issues.  It might be because these things affect us personally and Covid gave us ample opportunity to reflect on the state of our country and globally.

Hootsuite's Social Trends 2021 reported “The smartest brands will understand where they fit into customers’ lives on social media." Making use of that data should help you to relate to your consumers. Starting conversations that matter in your industry's population can help build trust with followers and establish a deeper relationship that's relevant and worth building. The by-product are the seeds to consumer loyalty.

We've talked about transparency in past blogs, but sharing who you and your company are about, what is important to you as a brand and how your company is supporting others are excellent ways for consumers and potential consumers to discover a brand's core values.

You don't need to be a big corporation to make a difference. While Marc Cuban announced that any of his employees (including those who work for the Mavericks) would be reimbursed for any lunch and coffee purchases from local, independent small businesses. And, smaller scale restaurants were giving back by delivering salads and sandwiches to hospital staffs, seamstresses were making masks and teachers were going above and beyond to help online students. True, it was a symbiotic relationship, but it effectively solved a problem all around.


Making small changes and sharing them with your followers and customers can make a big difference. Holding fundraisers or contests with proceeds contributed to a homeless or local children's hospital is a cause in which everyone can relate.  It may take a few email campaigns, but you're likely to pick up some business along the way and certainly win the appreciation of the recipient.  Switching to sustainable packing materials or collaborating with a humanity based organization says "we care" or "you matter".  Especially now in this country, issues desperately need inclusion and social kindness. 

Here are some ideas to get you started.  Hold a "give blood day" with your staff and treat them to sandwiches afterward.  Show up as a team for a local walk-a-thon where everyone brings their kids and dogs and have fun with it.  Volunteer for a booth during community events.  It provides a presence and potentially an opportunity to talk about your product. These types of events add great marketing content, can build team morale and positively impact your audience.  Sure, it's benefiting your business, but by putting your heart into it will speak volumes about your brand and the people behind it. 

You can do this!



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