Fitting In

Use of the seasons is an often overlooked tool when expanding your audience. Seasonality is an evolving trend and implementing it into your marketing strategy could give you surprising results. 

This method takes advantage of the seasons and applies it for the purpose of appeal and boosting sales. You may have a business that doesn’t fluctuate much with the time of year, but your customers will still respond to particular seasons. This strategy will work in any B2C situation, but works particularly well for online businesses.

Where Do I Start

Look at your analytics to determine if there are predictable patterns for increases and decreases.  This will give you an idea where you need to concentrate.  If you’re a new business, begin now with a 12 month forward plan, then start your research.  Keep an eye on search trends and look at what top influencers are targeting. Pay attention to larger blogs or online publications and notice what national businesses are doing. This will spark some insight and creativity.

The larger holidays, upcoming events and national awareness months or days are great places to begin. Incorporating lesser events like the end of school year, nonprofit causes or personal events such as moving into a dorm or “tax day” are all possibilities.  You'll find some online calendars that can provide you with some fun, attention getting ideas, also.

Seasonal marketing can also be used to correlate matching ideas beyond the obvious.  The bridal season is a great time for dresses and caterers, but what about travel plans, cameras and luggage?  Spring and summer means the outdoor season, so apply it to camping, conservation, watersports, moving, etc.  Autumn and winter bring larger holidays with festivities, but football, Super bowl, snow sports and furniture will apply, as well. The possibilities are endless, but does require some long term planning and imagination.

Grab a calendar and begin with the following month, then plan out the next 12 months.  How can your business be linked to the seasons and what preparations are needed when? Consider email campaigns, social media posts, the use of photography (proven to be effective) or even collaborations with other businesses.  An example of a collaboration would be pet toy business coupled with a leather accessory line that branches out to makes collars and leashes for dogs and cats. 

Be sure to monitor your analytics at least monthly, if not more often. They are helpful now, but even more valuable as you forecast for the following year.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email or comment.  In the meantime...

You can do this!



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