Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media

Initially, social media was just that... social media. It was used for socializing with others.  Personal news, announcements and entertainment were its primary content and most often used by family and friends.  In the last ten years these forums have grown exponentially as individuals and businesses have taken to their platforms utilizing strategic methods to grow their brand, analyze their audience and engage with consumers.

Does It Work?

It does! Social media marketing has become a science of its own and with the right strategy, can become your primary source for raising brand awareness and measuring success.  

Using well known forums such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can offer the ability to draw more traffic to your website, gather data from your users, perform an audit for what is and isn’t working and what methods of communication your audience prefers.  Additionally, these platforms are perfect for announcing upcoming events or products, running campaigns and featuring endorsements from others.  

So How Do I Use It?

Many individuals or organizations prefer to manage their own posts and/or content. The advantage is having a “hands on” approach which offers total control over your account.  The disadvantage is you are responsible for consistent posts (very important), organized content, writing copy and the continuing adjustments according to analytics.

However, if you’re new to this concept or your brand’s growth has stalled, the benefits of working with a professional marketer may be the determining factor of the make or break of a brand.  As I mentioned earlier in this article, branding and marketing have become a science and not something you'll learn overnight.  Human responses to visuals, timing, attention, consistency and so forth are at the heart of marketing and brands.  Like most things that involve people's perception and personality... you can see how things can become complex.

You can do this!


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