Stop The Waste In Marketing

Everyone has an opinion about what works in marketing and yes, there is a long list of mistakes inexperienced business owners can make.  But, when you're involved with online marketing there are specific rules that can help attract consumers  or allow you to spin your wheels, spend your money and go nowhere.

First Steps

I cannot emphasize the importance of have a strategy before you begin.  That's not to say it can't be adjusted or expanded down the road, but knowing what and how you will implement it is crucial.  Sure, logos and your brand is important to promote, but knowing how and where to do it is more important. 

Too many small businesses model their business marketing after their personal social media accounts.  True, watching those follower numbers climb is exciting, but are these people truly interested in what you're posting or do they scroll past you everyday?  Quantity of posts do matter, as it provides a consistency for your account; however posting just for the sake of posting can work against you. If you're short on interesting content, consider cutting back to 3 posts per week that grabs people's attention and leaves an impact.  It easily takes your account from boring and mundane to "wow, this is great"! By doing so you're building an audience that's relevant and wants to know more about your product, why they need it and how it will benefit their lives.

SEO And Your Website

A key word these days is "SEO".  As intimidating as it sounds, there is a definite place for expanded searches, but spending dollars your revenue can't yet support is not good business practice.  Take a step back and look at your website. Is it appealing, user friendly and well organized?  If not, maybe there's more work needed there.

Referrals and word of mouth are great tools in marketing and traffic can be drawn with some web enhancements.  Graphics and call to action buttons are great ways to engage with your audience and if they find the relevance of your site, its likely they'll share it with someone else.  Individual to individual, group to group, community to community... the word will spread and your reputation will grow positively. Your website and SEO use should work in conjunction with one another.  There's a fine balance and as long as you're carefully monitoring your analytics, you'll see the benefits.

Blind Ads

Facebook and Google are masters at enticing a small business into using their ads.  The problem with that is we're back to the numbers again.  They can promise the ad will go out to 10,000 people, but how many of those will even see it, let alone find relevance in it?  Blindly posting an ad is a risk and could be money down the drain.  A better idea would be to pay someone experienced in how PPC ads work and learn from them, look into online courses or try YouTube. A marketing coach can be helpful in showing you how to manage certain aspects of your business. There's a science to PPC's and requires close watch to get the benefits you're looking for.

These are just a few of the pitfalls new business owners will face, but it needn't be overwhelming. Like most things in life, taking small steps before breaking into a sprint is the smarter way to go.

You can do this!







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