So What Comes Next?

You did it!  Awesome!

You've chosen your company name, opened your social media accounts and now it’s time to get the word out. But, it’s already been three weeks and your only followers are your boyfriend and your hairstylist.  So what's missing?

Oh… That Logo!                                                  

One of the first things I work on with my clients is their logo.  I explain the importance of choosing the right graphic element, as it will become the identity of their business from the get-go. It represents their product or service in every aspect of its use.

It should be something that grabs the consumers’ attention, appeals to their interest and causes them to lean in and learn more.  Utilizing colors that trigger emotions, total clarity in the name, and makes a professional statement are all factors to be considered when creating that important icon.

Many people confuse a logo with branding and while they aren’t quite the same, they do have equally vital roles that link together.  A logo is a distinguishable symbol that represents a product, while branding is built upon appeal for consumers’ senses. 

When you see a familiar logo, the mind will recall a particular product as:  “It was a great fit, it gave me more energy, or it lasted for years or cost less” will surface in the mind.  It’s about an instant recognition and “why” that specific product is desired over others.

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Thanks everyone and remember...

You can do this!



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