What's A Marketing Manager?

To Have Or Have Not

Small business owners often start on a limited budget, so they give their digital media outreach their best shot or depend on the guidance from a social media enthusiast to get them started. They know it’s a necessary part of their marketing strategy and give it an honorable attempt, but they're missing the pillars to strengthen and connect the entire strategy. And, from our topic last week, we learned just how much of your audience is gained through social media.

What Can A Pro Offer Me?

The short answer is they will position your brand or service where it belongs and promotes the benefits of its use.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Wrong.  The work behind the description is much more detailed than it sounds, as research, trending, creativity, psychology, and analysis culminates into a single strategy plan.  To create a smooth and correlated process on social media, emails and campaigns, these areas will constantly be evaluated and adjusted to build a solid foundation of your consumers.

As the liaison between a company and it’s customers, careful planning must be outlined, approved by the owner and implemented for the appropriate audience.  Sending out product or service emails are perfectly acceptable tools for building business, however sending out the latest floral trends and techniques to a community of truck drivers, plumbers and medical technologists isn't likely to bring the desired response.  All of these are well respected and necessary professions, but reaching an audience that is looking for (or using) your product is much more on target.  Your effort and money should hit a market where you’ll receive the greatest return. Enter the professional marketer.

What Else?

Your marketer should have professional experience in search engine optimization, content creation, social media marketing, collaborations and so on. Have a list of questions ready should you decide to hire one.  Most are creative in their services, offering plans suited to your needs or on a tier level.  A consultation basis only will grant you access to his/her expertise and suggestions, but you'll probably be doing the hands on. Setting up your business with the necessary applications, tools and handing over the reigns to you is another option, but you must possess some amount of tech knowledge to handle them appropriately.  If time and patience are short, a marketing manager will bring it in and manage the whole process for you in yet another tier.   Additional services include creative or location photography, video with editing, online PR and more.  Their entire focus is partnering with and supporting you to build the best and most successful business possible. You'll always maintain the final say on decisions and select the directions you choose to take.

Consider reaching out via phone call or email.  Most pros won’t charge for the initial introduction and quote.  Being able to express your ideas and goals, as well as your product and service will help to receive a closer estimation of fees.  If you're still not sure, make a short term commitment and compare the difference in 90 days.

There are lots of choices out there for companies and the world of technology is ever changing... to your benefit.  You're able to get information out faster to a broader and more specific audience and receive relatively prompt feedback for your efforts  The tools are there, you just need to use them.

As always, questions or comments can be sent through below.  (Believe it or not, I actually do read all your comments!)

You can do this!


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