What's Lacking?


Who Brought The Map?

One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make is starting their venture without a marketing plan. Like any journey worth taking, knowing where you’re going, what to watch for and speaking the language requires research and planning. And, one plan doesn’t work for all businesses, so you probably shouldn’t take your map of Switzerland to America. (Unless you’re into being lost.)


Someone really smart once said “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Let that sink in for a moment. In college, a lot of the guys flew under the radar with attendance, but when exam time came around, it was hit or miss. After graduation the fake-it-till-you-make-it philosophy might have been a good approach. But more often than not, it only got you so far.

When it comes to the strategies of marketing a new product or service, distinct information and current content that's appealing to your customers is serious business.

So What If I Don’t?

The results of not having a marketing plan can make or break your business. Literally. It’s likely you’ll experience:

Low website traffic                                                                                         

Inconsistent promotions will result in loss of trust                                           

Budget problems will likely occur                                                                 

Competition can gain momentum                                                                       

Sales won't increase                                                                                           

Stress occurs and can result in panic responses

Without proper market research and the use of analytics, it’s difficult to foresee the future or to target the buying audience. Throwing money away in hopes of achieving a few sales is costly and makes for poor business performance.

Consider talking with a marketing specialist to get some tips on revamping your plan. Marketing, and particularly digital marketing is like an expensive watch. Precision and looks are everything.

You can do this!



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