Completing With The Big Guys

Competing With The Big Guys

Sometimes, it can feel like small businesses just can't keep up with the big guys. Those massive corporations have a ton of money to spend on advertising, and they can outcompete smaller businesses in many ways. But don't throw in the towel just yet! Some things are minor; more specialized companies can offer that the big chains simply can't match, thanks to the factors that make them successful.

Disruptive Innovation

Most small businesses begin because of a shortage or gap in the industry. Something is missing, or there's an improvement to be made, and as a smaller business owner, you have the power to make a difference. Your innovative products or services can set you apart from larger corporations that fail to serve customers effectively. So, emphasize those unique elements that make your business memorable. You may even find a larger company that looks to you to disrupt their own industry by working with your firm!


Small businesses have a definite advantage in creativity because, unlike big companies, they can react faster and come up with unique solutions. And they can more easily tailor to their customers' needs! The big guys often have to go through lengthy approval processes, which can make their responses feel generic. This can leave customers feeling like they're just a number. However, small businesses have the flexibility to stay in their lane while still being creative, which can help them stand out and win over customers.

Flexibility and Red Tape

The big guys have endless money to spend on advertising and can easily outshine smaller businesses. But don't worry, you've got unique advantages that large corporations can't match! Your specialized nature allows you to be more creative and flexible when it comes to customer service. You can tailor your offerings to fit individual needs and develop unique solutions quickly. Larger companies, on the other hand, often have to follow strict protocols, which can make them seem impersonal. So, keep being creative and flexible – you've got this!

We Can Hear You!

Small businesses have another unique advantage - the power to create a feedback method that encourages open and productive communication with their customers. Through this communication, small businesses can influence future product design and the scope of services offered, while simultaneously building solid relationships with their customer base. 

Consumers value recognition and integrity, and by empowering customers to become stakeholders and advocates, small businesses can create a sense of ownership and loyalty that drives growth... and success. This approach is not just practical; it's inspirational as it highlights the potential for businesses of all sizes to make a meaningful impact through open dialogue and collaboration with their customers.

It's Good For Employees, Too!

As a small business owner, you can offer unique benefits that larger corporations may not be able to provide. For instance, offering access to senior leadership, flexible work schedules, or a relaxed dress code are benefits that build strong teams. These intangible benefits could be a great selling point for potential employees who value work-life balance and a friendly work environment. And a happy employee is likely to share positive things about your brand with others! So don't worry about offering a higher salary, but focus on the benefits that make your company stand out!

Purposeful Passion

When passion is fueled by a clear sense of purpose, it can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Successful small businesses possess a deep-seated passion for what they do, and they channel that energy toward a clear goal. When they connect with their 

customers' passion, they create a contagious energy that can accelerate their efforts towards their desired outcomes. 

The impact of their efforts is more than just a fulfillment of their promise. It manifests their vision, the realization of their goals, and the foundation of a long-lasting relationship built on trust and shared values.

Closing Thoughts

Despite the challenges and work that goes into it, the Small Business Administration reported approximately 5.5 million new business applications filed in 2023. Knowing that your business can help people by creating jobs in their communities is a lot of personal satisfaction. 

So, while your business may not rise to the levels of Disney or Amazon, you can still represent a decisive change. And though you may not change the world, your product or service's impact on individuals can be significant. And best of all, you have turned your passion into a job you love.

You can do this!

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