Meet Our Team

Started his career in fashion and worked with different brands such as Lucky Brand, BCBG, and Conair. I grew a passion for a connection, a connection between brands and their consumers. Developing that relationship and trust is the most important relationship to have. With over twenty years of experience, we move beyond the conference table to form long-term relationships with our clients. Specializing in marketing, social media, branding is the key impact on brand development through strategic planning, content creation, process improvement, the influencer market, and user analysis. We take your trust seriously, bringing the necessary talent together to create the best strategies for building your brand and service.

Naomi Jimenez started her photography journey in college meanwhile  I was getting my degree in advertising, and I decided to add more to that field, with a minor in product photography everything starts, and some will say that "I'm not a human photographer"? and they are right. Why is that? That’s because I can spend hours in the studio with products, creating and exploring with light to make brands and products speak their exceptional qualities with breathtaking photos. Working with brand and business owners worldwide has given m the opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge and expertise in product photography. I'm glad you are here and I can't wait to meet you. 
Hi my name is Ezequiel Orama, little bit of myself I am a husband, a father, and an Active Duty Soldier for the United States Army.  I enlisted out of San Juan Puerto Rico since 2014, in early 2021 I decided to develop my skills as an Entrepreneur and Website Designer that’s when Orama Digital Solution was born.  A digital agency that will help you with not only the design of your website but also with the best technology to get after your target customer.  We will identify what best technology fits your needs in order to convert potential customer into a closed deal in an efficient manner so you don’t lose $$$ nor time.